Shingle Roofing Systems

Claremont Property Company is proud to offer the GAF WEATHER STOPPER SYSTEM PLUS DELUXE NON PROPRATED 50 YEAR LIFETIME WARRANTY as STANDARD Upgrade on every GAF Roof System installed on your property (Excluding Royal Sovereign Shingles). Learn more

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standard shingle

GAF Timberline HD®    

  • The #1 preferred shingle in North America offering just the right combination of beauty, balance, and reliability
  • Features GAF's proprietary color blends and enhanced shadow effect for a genuine wood-shake look.
  • Designed with Advantage Protection® Shingle Technolgy which provides excellent protection for your home
  • Highest UL Class Fire Rating and designed to withstand Winds up to 130 MPH

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Upgraded Shingle        

GAF Timberline Ultra HD®    

  • Timberline Ultra HD® will cost just pennies-a-day more than the standard architectural shingle
  • You can enjoy a thicker ultra-dimensional wood shake look for your roof in a variety of colors
  • Extra-thick layers make Timberline Ultra HD® Shingles up to 53% thicker than standard architectural shingles
  • Highest UL Class Fire Rating and designed to withstand Winds up to 130 MPH

Premium Upgrade Shingle  

GAF Armor Shield™ II    

  • Combines the UL 2218 Class 4 - rated Impact Resitant Shingle with beauty of the High Definition Timberline HD® Shingle
  • Highest UL Class Fire Rating and designed to withstand Winds up to 130 MPH
  • Eligible for Annual Premium Reductions from your Ins

Energy Star Savings Shingle  

GAF Timberline® Cool Series®  

  • Highly reflective shingles can help to reduce temperatures in your attic so your home will stay cooler in the summer
  • Specifically designed roofing granules that have a greater reflectance than traditional shingles which reduces the transfer of heat
  • According to the Cool Roof Rating Council, cool roofs may save you an average of 7% - 15% on your annual energy savings
  • Utility & Tax Agencies may provide incentives and rebates for installing Energy Star® Certified shingle roofs
  • Note: Cool Series® Hips & Ridge Shingles must be used to achieve maximun performance and be eligible for Utility and Tax Savings

Metal Roofing Systems

Residential metal roofing systems are generally made of steel, aluminum, or cooper. Rolls of 24- or 26-gauge steel sheets are given a metallic costing to prevent rust, followed by a baked-on paint finish. Aluminum sheets don’t require the metallic coating but do typically get painted. Copper is neither coated nor painted, because it weathers without corroding. In many cases copper is used for special features, such as the roof of a prominent bay window, gutters, and downspouts.  Steel roofing products are coated with either zinc (galvanized) or a mixture of aluminum and zinc (galvalume or zincalume). Of the two, galvalume typically offers the longest lifetime. The coatings are offered in multiple thicknesses-the thicker the coating the longer the life, and the higher the cost.


Life cycle costs

Metal roofing has been proven to be more durable than most other roofing systems available on the market. As a result, metal roofing has a low life cycle cost.



Metal roofing is sustainable and can contain significant recycled content. It lasts longer than most non-metal roofing and is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

fire & wind protection

Metal roofing is extremely fire resistant. In addition to that, metal roofing systems can also be designed to withstand extremely strong winds.

energy effecient

Metal roofing is on the leading edge of technology with a wide variety of finishes, designs and colors that provide greater energy savings compared to most other non-metal roofing products on the market today.

Slate Roofing Systems

Slate roofing tile has a long and storied history and is generally known as one of the highest quality, longest lasting roofing materials available. Slate roofing tiles are cut from metamorphic rock which is highly durable, making it a perfect roofing material.   The rock is split in one direction into sheets of varied thicknesses then cut and trimmed, mostly by hand labor, into the required sizes and thicknesses. A slate roof is typically a custom-made job and using it gives a quality and character to a
building unlike any other type roofing.


Aesthetic beauty 

Natural slate comes in a wide range of rich colors, varying sizes and thicknesses providing unique appeal to any architectural style

fire resistant

Slate roofs are one of the most naturally fire-resistant roofs in existence. This is a major benefit anytime there is a risk of air borne sparks from fireworks, wildfires, or other sources of flames.

Additional Value

Slate roofing is a beautiful asset that will undoubtedly add value to any home.


environmetaly friendly

From an environmental standpoint slate is 100% eco-friendly; it is a natural product of the Earth and is completely safe to put back in the ground.


Slate roofing can easy last 80 to 100 years if properly designed and installed then inspected periodically over its lifetime.


Weather Resistant

Slate roof tile are natural stone; their hard surface and weight make them an ideal solution for bad weather conditions including high winds, heavy rains, and hail.


Concrete Tile Systems

Concrete tile roofing can provide a look for homes with a southwestern or Spanish Mission design as well as any member of modern design and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Tile roofing designed and installed properly has an exceptionally long-life cycle and can even have a longer lifespan than the roof deck it is installed on. Most roof tiles do not rot or burn and they cannot be harmed by insects.  They require very little maintenance and come in a variety of colors, types, styles and brands. The clay tiles themselves are fragile, so walking on them can be difficult.  While they are fragile to someone walking on top of them, they are extremely resistant to the elements including harmful UV rays.



Roofing tiles have some of the lowest lifecycle costs of any roofing material. Centuries old tile roofs are still enduring today. Tiles roofs have an expected lifespan of 50 years or more.


Roof tiles can match any architectural style required for a building structure. They are designed to emulate traditional barrel style or roofing materials such as wood and slate.

Ventilation & Insulation

Natural air ventilation under the tile creates a heat transfer barrier that can provide the benefit of a cooler house in the summer and a warmer house in the winter.


severe weather

Roof tiles provide a tough water shedding outer shell with the underlayment working as an extra shield.  Roof tiles can typically resist damage from hailstones as large as 1”. Additionally, tiles are designed and tested to meet Florida’s 150 MPH wind speed.


Independent testing performed at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has demonstrated that tiles have the ability to cut the transfer of heat compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles by up to 70%. 

Environmentally friendly

Tile roofing materials do not deplete limited natural resources and have no chemical preservatives used in the production.  All waste can be recycled and does not go into land fills.


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